Andrea Borbath

My personal journey with yoga began about four years ago and has since been a red thread through my life. It was also a kick-starter of my development on a personal level. It has literally made me a kinder human being.

To me yoga is not only doing asanas (the poses). It is also meditation and pranayama. In everyday life it’s helping others, being kind to yourself, being mindful about your actions and it’s effects, taking care of your body and finding the discipline to keep on studying. Because no matter how many teacher trainings one completes, the study of yoga is for life.

I had the privilege to study with great teachers like Anat Geiger, Marcel van de Vis Heil and Marijke Darlang (my first yoga teacher). These people have ignited a spark inside of me that I hope to transfer to my own classes.

My classes are built around the idea that each body is unique and therefore there is no universal alignment to fit them all. The asanas serve the body and not the other way around. Yoga is for everybody: young and old, tall, short, skinny or fat, stiff or flexible. Yoga really doesn’t care how you look. My goal is to guide my students to develop more body awareness, find inner peace, make the body stronger, the mind more flexible and have a little fun by challenging the boundaries.

Join me and Yoga Club Hoorn on this wonderful journey!

P.s. My classes are taught in Dutch :-)